What we do

We create Business Digital Twins...


... cloud-hosted simulations of businesses or markets to help stakeholders understand the consequences of decisions before they are taken.  


We are people oriented.

Our aim is not primarily technical but to improve leadership team decision-making.  


Since performance is determined by decisions, we help leaders increase ROI and decrease risk.  


Our approach ensures greater alignment in thinking, which is priceless when achieved across the organisation.

How we do it

We start with a no-obligation, confidential meeting online to understand your requirements and business context. 

We might propose a leadership offsite.

We are highly experienced in designing and running very effective offsites, and we enjoy looking after every detail, including venue & fine catering.  


Our workshops are purposely fun as well as productive.  We incorporate a specialist planning methodology that allows us, at the next step, to design a Business Digital Twin.

We work behind the scenes to create a Business Digital Twin of the business or market. 

Initially, this is a simple cloud-hosted representation, sufficient to achieve the team's immediate aims.  


Later, we can go on to create a more sophisticated model of the business.

We can create a more sophisticated dashboard, a true Business Digital Twin. 

"Dynamic Dashboards" can be linked with realtime data, including external data.


Dashboards with appropriate levels of detail can be made available to everyone company-wide. 




We make strategic plans consistent across all functions. 


We make these plans relevant and accessible to everyone in the business. 

What is a Business Digital Twin?

Years of accumulated wisdom in minutes.

They are authentic simulations of a business or market.


They are used to test and learn before modifications are made in the real world. 


A key advantage of testing in a digital environment is that time can be accelerated to learn more rapidly from alternative decisions.

Business Digital Twins are used to make business ventures more successful.

Using simulation will increase ROI and reduce risk in significant initiatives.

The approach to simulating whole businesses is new yet based on proven methodologies.


The principle advantage is learning in advance of actual outcomes.


Simulating before deciding is now deemed essential in many complex human activities.

Unanimated data and spreadsheets are eclipsed by digital simulations.

Accelerated insight is now available to business leaders, not just engineers.

Digital twins are used widely in engineering and construction applications routinely. 


Join the revolution and make Business Digital Twins part of your business planning and execution.


Read more in the downloads below, in Spanish and English.  




Understanding Business Digital Twins
Understanding Business Digital Twins-V2 [...]
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Comprender a los Business Digital Twins
Comprender a los Business Digital Twins-[...]
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Please reach out to us for a confidential discussion.


A Business Digital Twin need not be costly and will provide massive ROI.


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